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Windows Azure offers a wide variety of technologies; ArtinSoft proposes several solutions that take advantage of the different offerings of Windows Azure, the proposal for the client will be based on the existing application functionality and the future plans of the client for it.
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Cloud computing Articles


Video: Accelerating Cloud Adoption

Converting a VB6 application to Silverlight and deploying to the Cloud. Demo of a VB6 to Azure Conversion. VB6 to C#/WinForms conversion and C#/Silverlight to Azure

Federico Zoufaly of ArtinSoft Interview

Federico Zoufaly of ArtinSoft talks about why enterprise customers are rearchitecting their products.

A Real-World SQL Azure Implementation

Cloud computing is a relatively new concept in the SQL Server community, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that there are still a lot of questions surrounding the migration process, data security, and cloud application performance.

End-To-End Performance Study of Cloud Services

Cloud computing promises a number of advantages for the deployment of data-intensive applications.

Microsoft’s New Leader of Server and Tools: Our Mission Is to Cloud-Optimize Every Business

As the industry moves more and more towards the public cloud – which will take time – we’ll move from the private cloud ‘datacenter OS’ that represents thousands of processing cores to a ‘public cloud OS’ that will need to understand a million cores.

Our Services

VB6.0 to the Web or straight to the Cloud

ArtinSoft offers a comprehensive service for taking your legacy VB6.0 application to a web environment (using Silverlight) or directly to the cloud (Windows Azure). This unique solution will let you gain a competitive advantage while reducing licensing costs and simplifying application deployment. With ArtinSoft’s vast migration experience performing Visual Basic 6.0 migration projects, you can now upgrade your code not only to the .NET Platform, but straight to web-based cutting edge technology.

C# to the Web or straight to the Cloud

ArtinSoft offers a comprehensive service for taking your C# applications straight to the web (using Silverlight) or directly to the cloud (Windows Azure). The offering is based upon ArtinSoft’s vast experience performing migration projects and on an automatic migration product with the ability to convert C#/WinForms to C#/Silverlight with Windows Azure requirements.

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